2015 ERG & Council Conference:
Creating Impactful Change!

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Workshops & Concurrent Sessions


These four, 90 minute workshops provide ERG and Diversity Council members with an opportunity to take a deeper dive into four of the most challenging topics facing ERGs and Diversity Councils today.

Workshop 1 - The Elephant We Can't See

Darrell Butler, Senior Consultant & Facilitator at PRISM International, Inc.

Kelly Thayer, Senior Consultant & Facilitator at PRISM International, Inc.

Michael Fosberg, Author & Actor, President, Incognito, Inc.

Description: Elephant...What Elephant? What is the Elephant we can't see? What can we do to rewire and override our line of sight to make the Hidden Unhidden? In The Elephant We Can't See™ workshop, storytelling followed by interactive, engaging, skill building training help begin a dialogue about any difference that makes a difference in your workplace. This workshop will be the catalyst for expanded perspectives, diversity of thought and innovation by building bridges of understanding, trust and respect. By tackling the "elephant" and confronting the unconscious biases, micro-inequities, and cultural misunderstandings we all carry, we can get better results with a more cohesive team.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Learn to share the story of their experiences
  • Gain skills and techniques to understand the experiences and perspectives of others
  • Build team cohesion, momentum and respect for results

Workshop 2 - The Rhythm of Inclusion

Natalie Spiro, Owner & Event Facilitator at Drum Cafe West

Description: Natalie and her percussion instruments are back for an encore! See what happens and is possible when we come together in one voice and purpose...setting aside our individual issues...for one objective. Natalie will guide participants through 4 mini-sessions as they engage numerous and various percussion instruments to drive the learning and the fun! It’s about ERG & Council members working and learning together and taking this same synergy back to their groups, organizations and communities.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Symphony of Rhythm - Focusing on the collective energy and the individual contributions of the group to harmonize as one, to work together as one, to break down barriers through a universal language
  • Rhythm of Trust - Appreciating the importance of trust and understanding what to do when working to build or restore broken trust
  • My Sticks, Your Sticks - Bringing groups into alignment; bringing in different contributions to a shared pulse; problem solve together, honor the creative process, be open-minded, respect others input, figure it out together, take risks, be innovative.
  • The Rhythm of Collaboration Breakout - Deeper dive into how ERGs & Councils can better function as a team, within their organizations and in their communities.

Workshop 3 - ERG &Diversity Council Leadership Academy™

Linda Stokes, President & CEO, PRISM International, Inc. &
the Association of ERGs & Councils

Description: Focused and skilled leadership is the #1 key ingredient for successful ERGs and Diversity Councils. Leaders bring passion and enthusiasm to their new position and they can increase their impact and effectiveness by expanding their own leadership capabilities. Even if the ERG/DC leader is an experienced manager, motivating, directing and pulling maximum productivity from a volunteer group is very different than managing a group of employees.

ERG & Diversity Council Leadership Academy™ is a 1 day dynamic, intensive and interactive session that enhancing D&I knowledge and skills while equipping ERG/DC leaders with tools and competencies necessary to build and sustain ERG and DC momentum and success. However, in this special 90 minute workshop version, ERG and DC leaders - or leaders to be - will receive foundational knowledge, skills and tools to help move their ERGs and DCs forward.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Increase leadership capability to enhance ERG and DC effectiveness, teamwork and results
  • Understand the 5 Success Factors as a leadership and analytical tool for building a vibrant and successful ERG/DC
  • Provide an introduction to analyzing and identifying the ERG's/DC's current stage of effectiveness and creating plans for reaching peak performance.

Workshop 4 - Women in Leadership–Growing Your Career™

Melanie Miller, Senior Consultant & Facilitator at PRISM International, Inc.

Description: This fast-paced, highly-interactive session explores situations women face in today’s workplace while inspiring them to reach higher levels of personal effectiveness, growth and development. Participants identify ways to create partnerships across gender differences as well as ways to support each other as they build and sustain their careers. Specific concrete strategies for continued professional growth and development are provided along with next step action planning.

More specifically, in this workshop participants will...

  • Understand why women as leaders are a business imperative
  • Discuss 3 strategies for success amid challenges and opportunities in today’s workplace
  • Explore 10 things you can do every day to build your career, personal value and leverage your differences.
  • Gain techniques for partnering across gender differences and supporting other women in attaining their career goals

Concurrent Sessions

These eight, 90 minute concurent sessions reflect the areas in which ERGs and Diversity Councils desire clearer understanding, greater insights, knowledge, skills and proven examples of best practices. They are led by some of the most respected and accomplished D&I organizational leaders and recipients of past year's Honors Awards.

Session 1 - Managing your ERG as a Strategic Brand

Facilitator: Erby Foster, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at The Clorox Company

Description: Do you think of your ERG as a brand? How it is perceived by the organization impacts its effectiveness and viability. Executive Sponsors have a responsibility to create an identity that enhances your ERG. This session will provide insights to help position ERGs as a stronger strategic brand.

Session 2 - Using ERGs for Driving Performance and Making Real Business Impact.

Sponsored by:

Melodie Jermont "MJ" Roach, SVP, Regional Sales Manager at PNC Financial Services, Inc.

P. Victor Rowe, VP, Branch Manager at PNC Bank, Louisville, KY.

TOP 1 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™
TOP 15 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™
TOP 18 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Effective ERGs are driving performance and making real business impact. PNC's ERGs are making qualitative and quantitative impact in the workplace and the marketplace through sound execution of initiatives and extremely resourceful networking with the community. In this session, participants will learn what PNC's ERGs are doing to impact their organization and communities.

Session 3 - How we Discovered the Business Case at Discover

Facilitator: Kevin Bradley, Senior Manager Diversity & Inclusion at Discover Financial Services

Description: Creating and executing sound ERG initiatives is seldom smooth and straight forward. However, by outlining a clear and compelling business case, the Discover ERGs have been able to chart a road with remarkable success. In this session, participants will learn what Discover discovered about making organizational impact.

Session 4 - Increasing Impact on Patient Care & Delivery of Quality Service Through Diversity

Facilitator: Karen Jones, Manager Diversity & Inclusion and Career Development at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

TOP 8 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Improving quality and the delivery of patient care are an integral part of the DNA of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Learn how their diversity council executes their strategy involving senior management and focusing on key performance factors that are making a difference. Their story is applicable to any organization that wants their diversity council involved in improving performance.

Session 5 - Aligning Diversity Initiatives to Increase Organizational Impact

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Karinna Rojas, Employer Branding & Diversity Officer Americas HR at Siemens Corporation

TOP 4 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Diversity must be communicated and aligned across the enterprise to create value and increase inclusion. Siemens has a comprehensive methodology that insures success, creates alignment and builds organizational impact. During this session, participants will learn from Siemens how to better align their current diversity initiative to increase organizational impact.

Session 6 - Aligning Personal Values and ERG Objectives to the Corporate Mission

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Tayana Johnson, Officer Global Inclusion at State Street Corporation

TOP 25 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Aligning the personal values to the ERG objectives and the corporate mission creates enduring change and business impact. State Street will outline a unique methodology and tool " The Way Ahead" that facilitates the alignment of personal values to the ERG objectives and the corporate mission. In this session, participants will experience a demonstration of this methodology and understand how it has increased the overall effectiveness of their ERG and business outcomes.

Session 7 - Increasing Employee Engagement and Organizational Impact

Facilitator: Derek Stapleton, Lead Chief of Staff at AT&T

TOP 9 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™
TOP 23 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Organizations desire to increase employee engagement for the purpose of increasing organizational impact. AT&T's OxyGen ERG will share the key initiatives they are using to open up new pathways for employee engagement while simultaneously increasing impact on their organization. Session participants will be able to identify specific initiatives that can assist them increase their ERGs impact.

Session 8 - How the Big "I" Insures That Diversity Makes an Impact

Whitnee Dillard, Agent Development Programs Manager at the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc.

Madelyn Flannagan, Vice President Agent Development, Research and Education at the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc.

TOP 10 Recipient of the 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: The Big "I" Diversity Task Force of the Independent Insurance Agents  and Brokers of America, Inc. will outline how they uniquely engage and developed a sustainable diverse independent agency network by partnering with state associations, carriers and industry affinity groups.  In this session, participants will learn how the Big "I" efforts are making an impact and that what can be learned from their business model that has universal application.

Presented by:

Association of Diversity Councils

PRISM International