2014 ERG & Council Conference:

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Workshops & Concurrent Sessions

The Only Conference Designed Specifically for ERGs and Diversity Councils.


2014 ERG & Council Workshops

These three, 90 minute workshops provide ERG and Diversity Council members an opportunity to take a deeper dive into three of the most challenging topics facing ERGs and Councils today. Due to the workshop nature, participants will be limited.

Workshop 1 - Metrics Matter! (limited to the first 100 registrants)

Facilitator: Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association of ERGs & Councils

Sponsored by:

Description: It is critical for ERGs and Diversity Councils to develop a fact based approach to improving their performance and increasing their impact. This workshop will highlight the value of having metrics to assess your progress and provide objective data for action planning.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Review how the Association's Diversity Council 10 Point Check Up™ and the ERG 10 Point Assessment™ provide valid and reliable data enabling you to identify your strengths; opportunities for improvement and key indicators for action planning
  • Outline 7 key learnings and highlight our benchmark insights
  • Discuss several best practices of ERGs and Diversity Councils that have progressed to peak performance


Workshop 2 - Reaching and Sustaining Peak Performance Workshop (limited to the first 100 registrants)

Facilitator: Linda Stokes, President & CEO of PRISM International, Inc.

Sponsored by:

Description: ERGs and Diversity Councils experience variations in their efforts moving from very engaged and impactful periods to times of drought and decline. This hands on workshop is designed to help you determine ways for your ERG or Diversity Council to reach and sustain peak performance.

More specifically, in this workshop you will...

  • Learn about the 6 Stages of Council and ERG development
  • Determine Your Group’s Current and Desired Stage
  • Develop tactics to close gaps to reach and sustain Peak Performance
  • Understand the components of a vibrant Diversity and Inclusion process


Workshop 3 - A Therapy Session for D&I Champions (limited to the first 60 registrants)

Facilitator: Cal Jackson, Diversity & Inclusion Leader for Tech Data Corporation.

Sponsored by:

Description: Diversity Champions often carry a heavy load when it comes to "the work." Our industry deals with sociological and emotional theories impacting a plethora of group memberships. The increasing diversity of our communities is coupled with the increasing focus on inclusion.

This workshop outlines important self-care concepts specific to D&I professionals. Participants will provide the dynamics of the discussion through their own diversity and various levels of experience as a Diversity Champion. They will build a container to discuss how our own biases impact our effectiveness, and how ‘ripped from the headlines’ topics influence us.

More specifically, in this workshop you will...

  • Gain a new perspective of the levels of being a D&I Champion
  • Increase awareness of the need for self-care as a D&I Champion
  • Learn new self-care techniques, specific to our "work."


2014 Assembly Session

The Assembly Session is conference community interactive session featuring a topic that is of great importance to D&I practitioners.

Discovering Biases to Embrace Inclusion

Sponsored by:


Description: It’s a part of human nature to hold natural biases. In the workplace, this means we can sometimes behave in a way based on that bias...frequently with very unintended consequences. This interactive session meets you where you are in your inclusion journey and provides experiences to examine how once we discover our unconscious biases turn them into acts of power that support inclusion.


2014 Concurrent Sessions

These eight, 90 minute concurent sessions reflect the areas in which ERGs and Diversity Councils desire clearer understanding, greater insights, knowledge, skills and proven examples of best practices. They are led by some of the most respected and accomplished D&I organizational leaders and recipients of past year's Honors Awards.

Session 1 - Best Practices For Leading Disability ERGs: Business Impact, Innovation & Collaboration

Sponsored by:

Renee Arrington-Johnson, Chair of GM's People with Disabilities Affinity Group at General Motors

Suzanne Lee, Chair of Siemens Cross Disabilities Employee Resource Group at Siemens Industry U.S.

Description: This session is a follow up to a best practice benchmarking session which included several best practice organizations. They will share key initiatives which are providing leadership for disability ERGs in their companies and highlight specific efforts making an impact in innovation, internal business practices; internal alliances and external engagement.

Session 2 - How to Evolve in Support of Business Strategy: a Case Study

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Cathy Laffan, Managing Director, State Street Bank

Description: Without doubt, organizational objectives are rapidly changing and the requirements for ERGs must be more business focused. Learn how State Street’s Flexible Work Employee Network is evolving the concept of ERGs to best support business strategy in a transforming workplace .

Session 3 - The Power of ERGs in Building Business

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Erby Foster, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, The Clorox Company

Description: The purpose and power of ERGs is reaping solid business results at Clorox. The contribution is unquestionable. Learn how they focus, contribute and add value that creates lasting impact.

Session 4 - Leadership to Increase Cultural Competence Provides Cross Organizational Impact

Sponsored by:

Andres Gonzalez, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Baystate Health

Porfirio Esparra, Jr., Senior Director Human Resources at Humility of Mary Health Partners

Description: Learn how the initiatives which enable health care organizations to increase cultural competence and business impact have bottom line implications for every type of organization.

Session 5 - How to Make the Role of Executive Sponsors in Diversity Councils More Impactful

Sponsored by:

Josh Stewart, Vice President and Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Enrico Della Corna, Executive Vice President, Market Manager Corporate Banking at PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association of ERGs & Councils

Description: This session will provide practical recommendations for increasing the contribution and involvement of executive sponsors and discuss how to overcome commonly identified problems.

Session 6 - FedEx Freight Diversity Councils Drive Performance and Create Lasting Impact

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Tina Hallenbeck, Manager of Diversity at FedEx Freight and Five Time Recipient of the Honors Award.

Description: It is critical for councils and ERGs to demonstrate that they can measure their impact and focus on business metrics in very specific ways. This session will outline the specific metrics that enable FedEx Freight to deliver and enable them to also increase middle management engagement.

Session 7 - Cultivate, Connect and Capitalize Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion to Drive Business Results

Sponsored by:

Facilitator: Ellen Krider, Vice President-Financial Advisor and Co-Chair of the GLADE ERG at RBC Wealth Management

Description: This session provides information and ideas that help you harness the power of your ERGs, engage senior leaders and expand your company’s reach into diverse client markets. Best practices will be shared with a focus on the LGBT niche market.

Session 8 - Generational ERGs are Leading to Create Impact with 4 Generations in the Workplace

Sponsored by:

Marie Pettinos, Siemens One Program Director, Maine Line Health System and Chair of the Siemens Healthcare USA Diversity Council at Siemens Healthcare

Irene del Corral, Senior Specialist in Diversity Strategies and responsible for the alignment of 19 EBRGs to the business initiatives at American Airlines

Schartryce Mason, Senior Learning Strategy Consultant in the Learning & Development Organization at American Airlines

Description: Siemens with their SAGE ERGs and American Airlines with their NOW EBRGs will demonstrate how their uniquely focused ERGs are creating innovations which are sustaining performance, enhancing contributions and increasing employee engagement.

Presented by:

Association of Diversity Councils

PRISM International