2016 ERG & Council Conference:
Educate - Engage - Empower!

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Workshops & Concurrent Sessions


Our four, 90 minute workshops provide Employee Resource Group, Business Resource Group and Diversity Council members with an opportunity to take a deeper dive into four of the most challenging topics facing them today.

Workshop 1 - Using the ERG & Council Honors Award™ Application and Application Summary Report as Tools to Drive Greater Impact

Room: Palm A

Presented by:Association of Diversity Councils

Linda Stokes, President & CEO at PRISM International, Inc. & the Association of ERGs & Councils

Description: Assessment and Measurement tools are critical for increased performance in your ERGs and Councils. Learn how these two tools can assist you in reaching peak performance by identifying areas of opportunities and strengths. Actual examples will be discussed for 4 specific focus areas.

More specifically, in this workshop participants will...

  • Identify the Honors Award Application and Application Summary Report as Improvement tools
  • Gain specific best in class examples of ERG/Council measurable impact
  • Explore 10 things you can do every day to build your career, personal value and leverage your differences
  • Discuss tips and traps for completing the application and for communicating results.

Workshop 2 - Transforming Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Business Resource Groups (BRGs): The Next Stage of Affinity Group Evolution

Room: Palm B

Presented by:Association of Diversity Councils

Fernando Serpa, Executive Director of the Association of ERGs & Councils

Description: While affinity networks have existed for over 30 years and exist in 90% of Fortune 500 firms, many see an opportunity to take their networks to the next level of maturity. This evolution of affinity networks involves integrating their group’s efforts into the broader talent and business goals of the organization so that they have a relevant and sustainable business impact. The focus of this session is to share ideas and tools to help transition Affinity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) into Business Resource Groups (BRGs) which are seen as true business partners.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Learn the steps necessary to transform ERGs and Networks into BRGs to gain more credibility, visibility and respect by their organization and senior executives
  • Discover how to attract more members, especially at senior levels, by developing a broader scope and appeal of the BRG
  • Learn how to receive greater support from managers and additional budget resources for leadership development.

Workshop 3 - Becoming an Effective, Impactful Articulate Advocate

Room: Palm C

Presented by:PRISM International


Description: In this workshop, you will identify, discuss and practice 10 key diversity and inclusion communication tactics that will increase your confidence, competence and credibility in articulating your organization’s diversity and inclusion process while sharpening your ability and raising your comfort level with the 4 “I”s – Initiating, Informing, Involving and Inspiring new advocates to join your ERG or Council.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Increase your awareness of individual reactions when talking about diversity, Inclusion and your ERG or Council
  • Identify and discuss 10 key diversity and inclusion communication tactics that every ERG or Council leader should know
  • Increase your confidence and competence for responding to questions, issues and concerns
  • Sharpen your ability and raise your comfort level with the 4 “I”s – Initiating, Informing, Involving and Inspiring advocates.

Workshop 4 - Leveraging Your Multicultural Skills and Competencies to Grow Your Career

Room: Palm D

Presented by:PRISM International

Miguel Valenciano, Senior Consultant & Facilitator at PRISM International, Inc.

Description: This action packed, interactive and thought provoking session will enable participants to discover how they can use their unique attributes to empower themselves, increase their leadership capability and transition to higher levels of sustained excellence. Participants identify and utilize their unique multicultural attributes to increase their ERG/council leadership capability in support of organizations business opportunities.

More specifically, in this workshop we will...

  • Develop a greater awareness of personal cultural lenses and how they can be leveraged for higher levels of performance and business impact
  • Discuss and identify early messages that influenced perceptual filters
  • Apply and practice strategies to leverage personal potential.

Concurrent Sessions

Our eight, 75 minute concurrent sessions reflect the areas in which ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils desire clearer understanding, greater insights, knowledge, skills and proven examples of best practices. They are led by some of the most respected and accomplished D&I organizational leaders and recipients of past year's Honors Awards.

Session 1 - Creating Inclusive Environments through Power of Recognition – Ubuntu

Room: Palm A

Presented by:

Facilitator: Stephanie Piimauna, Director Diversity & Inclusion, MGM Resorts International

TOP 20 Recipient of the 2015 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: This session focuses on the power of recognition and is based on the 4 Core Human Needs; Attention, Affection, Appreciation, and Acceptance. How recognition directly impacts organizational culture, employee loyalty & engagement, superior customer service, customer loyalty, vendor & supplier relationships, high performance teams, and personal relationships. " We invoke each other’s potential by our wiliness to see the essence of each other" – Tribes of the Northern Natal in South Africa. In this session, participants will: 1. Learn how to use formal recognition programs increase employee engagement; 2. Identify informal recognition techniques that foster inclusive environments; and, 3. Learn about the impact of Micro-Inequities on organizational cultures.

Session 2 - Using ERGs for Driving Performance and Making Real Business Impact.

Room: Palm B

Facilitator: Tanya Vaughn-Patterson, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Next Era Energy

TOP 19 Recipient of the 2015 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important asset to help the company give back to the community and attain brand recognition. Often, full time employees designated to this task full time do not have the capacity to be everywhere, all the time. ERGs can help bridge the gap with this effort because they already have a unique affinity to specific groups in the community. It makes sense to capitalize on their established connections to build and improve relationships external to the organization. In this session, participants will: 1. Learn how to leverage their ERG for philanthropic efforts; 2. Discover how to support local organization with affinities related to the ERGs; 3. Leverage ERG connections to increase their return of investment; and, 4. Align ERG business plans with organizational community focuses.

Session 3 - Driving For Results Through ERG Collaboration

Room: Palm C

Facilitator: Melissa Wallace, Senior Manager Diversity & Inclusion, American Airlines

TOP 3 Recipient of the 2015 ERG & Council Honors Award™

Description: Employee Resource Groups exist to create authentic connections with employees, customers and the community. While there’s power in individual ERG initiatives, that can become exponentially more impactful when ERGs collaborate with each other to conduct outreach for growth, make a difference in the communities where they live and work, offer professional growth and development for colleagues or impact business results. Join us to consider how your ERGs can collaborate to create next generation inclusion and diversity results.

Sessions 4 - 8 coming soon!

Fernando Serpa, Exec. Director of the Assoc. of ERGs & Councils interviews some of the Conference participants and asks them what they are taking back as a result of attending the Conference.

Presented by:

Association of Diversity Councils

PRISM International