2015 ERG & Council Honors Award

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Award Purpose

The ERG & Council Honors Award™ is the premiere annual national award that recognizes, honors and celebrates the outstanding contributions and achievements of ERGs and Diversity Councils. These groups lead the diversity and inclusion process within their organizations and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Recipients of the award set the standards of excellence for ERGs and Diversity Councils in the U.S. The TOP 25 award recipients will receive their awards at the 7th Annual ERG & Council Honors Award™ Dinner & Ceremony during the 2015 ERG & Council Conference in Washington D.C. on October 14, 2015.

Award Background 

In its seventh year, the ERG & Council Honors Award™ was established in 2008 by the Association of ERGs & Councils  a practice group of diversity and inclusion consulting and training firm PRISM International, Inc. Linda Stokes, President and CEO of PRISM, says, "Our firm assisted organizations with their diversity and inclusion initiatives. We recognized the important contributions and impact that ERGs and Diversity Councils had on their organizations; yet, for all their great efforts there was little national recognition. We wanted to change that."

PRISM created a specialized practice - the Association of ERGS & Councils – to be the premier resource for ERG and Diversity Council professionals.

Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association of ERGs & Councils says,"Our intent is to enable ERGs and Diversity Councils to use this application as a way to learn what they are doing well and how they can continue to improve their impact." 

Why Apply?

There are several reasons why ERGs and Diversity Councils should apply:

  1. It's free to apply.
  2. Completing the application provides your group with a comprehensive process for internal measurement.
  3. All applicants receive their 2015 Application Summary Report that provides their results in comparison with those of the Top 10, Top 25 and all applicants.
  4. Should your group make the TOP 25 they will be honored and celebrated at the Oct 14th dinner conference in Washington D.C.
  5. Making the TOP 25 provides your group with national recognition, prestige and credibility. It proves your group met an externally recognized standard of excellence.
  6. Receiving the Honors Award improves organizational visibility and sharing the news internally makes it a great sales tool for requesting budget and resources.
  7. It's important to staff and their careers to be associated with a prize-winning group and organization. The greater their self-esteem the greater their motivation. It energizes the group.
  8. Receiving the Honors Award helps with group recruitment and retention. It reinforces your organization, your SBU, your department as a more desirable and best place to work.
  9. Receiving the Honors Award provides executive leadership and sponsors with reinforcement and proof positive that their support is yielding results.
  10. Receiving the Honors Award elevates your group to serve as a diversity and inclusion leader for its organization and its ERGs and Diversity Councils.
  11. Receiving the Honors Award enhances your organizational external branding and supports the organizational strategy around attraction and retention.
  12. You don't have to be selected a TOP 25 group to gain great benefits. Just completing the application will make you a better ERG/Diversity Council.

Award Application & Process

For information about the Award application and process, visit, Award Application & Process

Presented by:

Association of Diversity Councils

PRISM International