ERGs & Councils Honors Award

ERG & Diversity Council Honors Award LogoThe ERG & Council Honors Award™ is the premiere annual national award that recognizes, honors and celebrates the outstanding contributions and achievements of Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Councils. These groups lead the diversity and inclusion process within their organizations and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Award Background

The ERG & Council Honors Award™ was established in 2008 by the Association of ERGs & Councils  a practice group of diversity and inclusion consulting and training firm PRISM International, Inc.

ERGs and Diversity Councils are vital links for improving organizational results. They need opportunities to improve and grow by learning and sharing best practices, gaining important insights, knowledge and skills to increase their impact and effectiveness. They also need to be recognized and rewarded for the contribution and results. This is the purpose behind the annual Conference and Honors Award.

Fernando Serpa, Executive Director of the Association of ERGs & Councils remarked,"Our intent is to enable ERGs and Diversity Councils to use this application as a way to learn what they are doing well and how they can continue to improve their impact."

2019 Recipients

The Top 25 recipients were awarded and their rankings revealed at the ERG & Council Honors Award Ceremony on May 3rd, 2019. Photos from the award ceremony can be found here and here.