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Diversity Impact Awards™
for ERGs, Diversity Councils & Departments

The Diversity Impact Awards are new for 2020. They replace the ERG & Council Honors Award.

What's the same? 

A focus on performance and impact.

What's different? 

  • Top 25 ERGs & Diversity Councils
  • Top 10 Strategic or Enterprise-Wide ERG Awards
  • Top 10 Diversity Action Awards
  • Executive Sponsors Recognition Awards

New model, new application and new 3-step process for your learning.  The new awards process builds on our prior success with a validated scientific model that focuses on nine different key areas of an organization impacted by diversity initiatives.

Step 1: Fill out an easy-to-use application

Step 2: Distribute a short survey to a subset of your employee population

Step 3: Add a short 3-minute video about your diversity intervention or initiative (optional).

What you get

On-line reports of your survey results will be available to all participants. This data will be powerful for communicating successes and potential resource needs as you move forward.

Videos, stories and impact mapping will provide learning for each organization.

Benchmarking data will be available for all participants.

Recognition of excellence in the various award categories at the conference and via other venues including press releases, articles, webinars and being featured on the web site. This benefit only applies to the top ranking groups or individuals.