ERG & Council Honors Award™


Due to COVID-19, the application process has been postponed until April, 2020. Read the announcement.

The ERG & Council Honors Award™ is the premier annual national award that recognizes, honors and celebrates the outstanding contributions and achievements of Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Councils. These groups lead the diversity and inclusion process within their organizations and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Applicants completed the 2019 application that opened  on September 12th and closed  on January 15th, 2019. For more information about who can apply and why apply, see below.

The Top 25 recipients will be honored and awarded and their rankings revealed at the ERG & Council Honors Award Ceremony.

Executive Sponsor Award!

The Executive Sponsor plays a critical role in the success of each ERG and Council. To recognize and honor the hard work, support and dedication that so many executive sponsors exhibit, the Association of ERGs and Councils, for the first time, will be bestowing the honor of Executive Sponsor of the Year.

Truly great Executive Sponsors are not honorary or figurehead positions; Executive Sponsors should play an active role with their ERGs and Councils. They serve as strategists, mentors, advocates, problem solvers and door openers. The Executive Sponsor of the Year will be selected based on how well they have shown leadership, support and innovation in these areas.

Eligibility criteria for an Executive Sponsor nomination can be found in the ERG & Council Honors Award Application.

Who May Apply?

  • The Application is free and open to all U.S. based Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Diversity Councils in operation for at least two (2) years.
  • ERGs and Diversity Councils complete and submit an online application of 59 questions that evaluates their impact on their organization over the past 12 months. Award applicants are evaluated on contributions and achievements in these four categories:
    1. Demonstrated Results
    2. Demonstrated Management Commitment
    3. Measurement and Accountability
    4. Communication and Education
  • Applications from multiple ERGs and/or Diversity Councils within one organization are permitted with the following clarifications:
    1. A Diversity Council may submit one application representing multiple Diversity Councils and/or ERGs that operate under and report to it and that have been in operation for at least 2 years. Each Council and ERG involved will need to be identified. Individual Diversity Councils and ERGs included in the Application may not apply separately.
    2. Multiple ERGs may apply as one Diversity Council providing they operate and report to the Diversity Council and have been in operation for at least 2 years; otherwise, ERGs must apply separately.
    3. A Diversity Council and/or ERG may submit one application representing its multiple chapters that operate under and report to it and that have been in operation for at least 2 years. Each Chapter will need to be identified. Individual Chapters included in the Application may not apply separately.

Why Apply?

There are several reasons why ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils should apply:

  1. It's free.
  2. Completing the application provides your group with a comprehensive process for internal assessment and measurement.
  3. All applicants receive their 2019 ERG & Council Honors Award™ Application Summary Report that provides their results in comparison with those of the TOP 10, TOP 25 and all applicants.
  4. All applicant entries - except for the TOP 25 - are not disclosed.
  5. Should your group make the TOP 25 they will be honored and celebrated at the Honors Award Celebration during the 2019 ERG & Council Conference.
  6. Making the TOP 25 provides your group with national recognition, prestige and credibility. It proves your group met an externally recognized standard of excellence.
  7. Receiving the Honors Award improves organizational visibility and sharing the news internally makes it a great sales tool for requesting budget and resources.
  8. It's important to staff and their careers to be associated with a prize-winning group and organization. The greater their self-esteem the greater their motivation. It energizes the group.
  9. Receiving the Honors Award helps with group recruitment and retention. It reinforces your organization, your SBU, your department as a more desirable and best place to work.
  10. Receiving the Honors Award provides executive leadership and sponsors with reinforcement and proof positive that their support is yielding results.
  11. Receiving the Honors Award elevates your group to serve as a diversity and inclusion leader for its organization and its ERGs and Diversity Councils.
  12. Receiving the Honors Award enhances your organizational external branding and supports the organizational strategy around attraction and retention.
  13. You don't have to be selected as a TOP 25 group to gain great benefits. Just completing the application will make you a better ERG and Diversity Council!

Award Purpose & Background

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Application FAQs

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Experience the 2017 Event

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